Saturday 6 September 2014

Ami you are 25 months

I wasnt sure if I would carry on with monthly updates when Ami turned two
but I love to write and read them.
So this month has been very busy for Ami she has done 4 weeks 
doing different community events and a family holiday.

She has really turned into a chatterbox too, after only talking at home 
all those weeks of being round people she now talks to anyone.
Only yesterday she stopped an old lady and told her she was going to school.
The way she pronounces things has really come on, 
I am a little sad she doesnt say Adon anymore and says Aston instead. 

With her turning two we have also had this very headstrong 
girl who wants to do what SHE wants. 
She also wonders of and doesnt stop, its a little scary that she hasnt much fear.
On holiday she walked of without me noticing and walked to the swimming pool.
She loves swimming and being in water. 
She loved wearing armbands and jumping in and out of the water. 

You went into a toddler bed but would not stay in bed, 
you usually are an excellent sleeper but have learnt the comfort of mummy and daddys bed.
You are a massive Daddys girl and want him to do everything for you. 
Its very cute. 

Oh dear Ami you are such a little girl now 
I love writing these and looking how much you grow.
We love you loads 

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