Thursday 18 September 2014

Little Bear you are 10 months

10 months how has that happened. 
My little baby not so small anymore but still very much a baby.

An exciting month for you Little bear.
You have learnt to stand for long periods 
even taking a few step and slowly learning to take some more.
Cruising around the furniture at record speed. 

You have learned to love water at long last. 
It took a couple of times swimming on holiday to get you used to the water 
but all of a sudden you loved it. 
You loved our holiday especially playing in sand. 
You would play in sand all day if you could. 

You eat really well and often polish off a massive dinner.
Your sister also gives you the food she doesnt want.
You eat it all and cry when you see someone with food.
If anyone is in the kitchen you think it is dinner time and crawl and record speed towards the kitchen.

You sleep well but wake early, which is ok sometimes 
but waking at 5:30am is not cool.
You also started nursery this month, 
you have enjoyed your days there and have slept for 2 hours whilst there.

You love to join in with your sister and follow her everywhere.
You try to laugh and join in jokes but cry is everyone is laughing.
You say mumma, dadda and dough dough (dummy) 
and can be a really cuddly still.

You love to climb up stairs and you are very quick.
nothing is out of your reach you want everything you can,
 you make a beeline for cups and anything with food.
We are starting to see your little character and you are very funny already.
You get cross and growl at things and laugh at little things. 
You crawl after every parent and take joy in being picked up.

We love you lots little sun bear. 


  1. Aww! What a little cutie! He looks an absolute delight x

  2. How lovely! So young to be saying words too! Thanks for joining in #FamilyFriday

  3. Love seeing how they develop :) Little cutie! Love the swimming photo! #familyfriday