Tuesday 9 September 2014

One week left

The days are rolling down and my uniform is crisp waiting to be worn. I see the paperwork for nursery and I know its coming, my first day back to work. I am a little excited now its getting close, be nice to be in an working environment where I may or may not get a break, but I will be known as me and not Ami's Mummy. Then a huge part will miss the kids like mad, I hand my baby and toddler to the nursery and the care of my husband, I am no longer there full time mummy, I am no longer telling my husband every funny thing Ami says, every sweet thing Little bear has done. Thats what I am going to miss the most.

This last year has flown by, I never realised how quick life can be. Having three children has meant that the little time I did have is considerable less, 3 children all with different needs. It has been lovely at times. The first 4 months were hard. A baby that didn't sleep I really struggled, he would not take a bottle, it was hard at times. It got alot easier and at the moment the days are easier and I do enjoy being at home with the little ones.

7 years ago I started my training to become a nurse a single mum to a 1 year old never did I think I would end up where I am today. Married 3 children a nurse, from what I saw as a way to gain a career to show the world I am not a waster, that having a baby young would not ruin my life. I did it! It took alot longer than it should have but I am very pleased with where I have got too. Studying was hard, going to bed late after a night at the laptop followed by an early morning with a toddler was challenging at times but I got there.

The new challenge is about to start becoming a working mum again. Learning to juggle and trust other people with my children. Can I do it? Only time will tell

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