Wednesday 17 September 2014

S is for Sausage (silly sausage) - Albhabet photo challenge

Ok come here thinking you were going to see some sausage, you obviously got the wrong type of sausage. In our house its an affectionate nickname for each other, I say affectionate its often used in the phrase "stop being a sausage" or "you are such a sausage" or even "Ami is being a right sausage". It gets used far too much. Oye still not in that way you sausage, See the jokes go on. Really I should have taken a photo if a sausage so rather than that I will add a photo of us all being right sausages.


  1. What a lovely informal family photo :) #AlphabetPhoto

  2. What lovely, fun pictures :-) we often say "silly sausage" too x #alphabetphoto

  3. fab pics silly sausage is a funny phrase to use #alphabetproject