Saturday 5 July 2014

Fun on the Stony Beach

Living on a sandy beach my whole life coming to a stony beach can be a bit of a change, do not get me wrong I am not a beach snob I just like sand. We were camping at the time and headed down to beach to watch some people get baptised in the sea. Whilst we were there we had a little play, I say little because for some reason they did not like the stones. Little bear tried to eat the stones and Ami just tried to throw them, the only one who enjoyed it was Pants who enjoyed climbing over all the big stones. 

I am not complaining I do love the sea and the beach, I feel most at home which is why I sleep so well when I can hear the sea as we did whilst camping and even those times where I was awake the sound of the sea makes me feel relaxed.  The sea breeze also helps clear those cobwebs away and also knackers the children out. Its just the stones I love to dig, I mean help the kids dig which is a bit nore difficult on the stones. Maybe I need to become more creative? build a little fort out of the stones or something. 

Here is some photo's of us on the stones, not too many of us grimacing with pain as we stood on a pebble, really is so so painful. The babies do not look happy in any of them but it was nice for a change of scenery and a different environment. Was so nice hanging out together we have been so busy lately these short times are the only few we have had in each others company. Lovely to grab these moments and try to make the most of them before we are separated again, its these moments we remember long gone are memories of the hard days where everything is repetitive but replaced by good family time and the good fun we had.

This one is my fave she was upset as Daddy put her down!


  1. I must admit for the very little ones the sand is a great sensory experience and they can also have some wonderful creative fun with it. It looks like you had wonderful weather and it's a shame the children didn't like the beach as much. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

    1. yes it sure is I do love the beach (sandy) yes the weather was so awesome

  2. I agree, stony beaches can be a bit of a disappointment when you want to build sandcastles and walk on sand. I think my son would like stones, but he's only ever been to a couple of sandy beaches. #sharewithme

  3. WOW absolutely stunning photos of the family! The beach is great but I am with you I love the sand. We just went to the sandy beach today and I can't imagine it being all mini rocks instead of the hot smooth sand under and in between my toes. I grew up on a river so I am used to the stones but I can relate how relaxing the water sounds. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. What a beautiful post. #sharewithme

  4. Ah bless them! I do quite like a stony beach actually as sand annoys me between the toes! But it is painful to walk on! :D
    x x

  5. Lovely post and I just love the photo's, it is a bit of a pain on the stony beaches for the children, but then sand is annoying as once in the car it does get everywhere, what is lovely is getting out and being at the beach, you look like you all had a lovely day (and a few tears!) x #sharewithme