Wednesday 5 June 2013

The Gallery: Two

When i think of the number two, i think im a mum of two! As im going to be a mum of two for such a short time i must make the most of it being alot easier! soon my hands being stretched as another little person joins our growing family! Then there is the idea one day when all the children have grown up then it will be just the TWO of us! sounds nice already!

But im going to show some pictures of when Pants was 2!!! argh how long ago now he is 7 soon! where has that time gone. He has always been cheeky but always much fun, liking to be the focus of any room! He had crazy hair but always looked like a surfer kid! Its amazing how much you forget when they are small! My little Pants!!! How different my life was I was then a single mum (still doing the nursing course im still on!!) life just flashes by.

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