Tuesday 25 June 2013

Thats my Kids Week 3 #TMK

Another week has just flown by last week 6 people joined up! Thanks guys!!  where is this year going! Hope your all well and had a good week and weekend! We have had a busy weekend Camping and serving on teams doing catering and helping putting tents up, busy busy!

This week Pants has been a lot more behaved! The pushing of boundaries has calmed a little! We didnt see him much this weekend as he was off climbing trees, playing football and generally being a boy! He has sports day today he has not been to happy, he is not the fastest and is upset that he wont win! Not that it matters but it does when your six, I tried to tell him that some people are better at other sports but like when its the Olympics all eyes are on the 100m final!

Ami has been a super start finally learning to wave and now doing it all the time, It is very cute! also enjoying being chased and tickled she lets out a huge deep laugh! She enjoyed camping so so much but not the first night when she slept in the pushchair waking and trying to climb out! never again! she slept alot better the next night in a travel cot! Shes 11 months next week, my baby girl is growing
 up fast!

So Join up and old post or an new post I cant wait to read your stories! Much love

welcome to the mummy madness

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  1. Hello gorgeous mummy! I am a day late with my post but it has to be done. lol Thanks for hosting. This is my second post for TMK and oh! I put you up on my Tuesday Meme list...well, you're the first up there...my very first Tuesday meme.

    Hugs to your lovely kids. Ami is soooo cute x


    1. Thats fine your only the 2nd to join up lol! And i havent learnt how to stop the linky?? Way hey first tuesday linky! Thanks x

  2. I have joined up, mine is a simple photo this week, next week I am sure I will have more to say! Hope that's ok, been a bit busy with grommet surgery this week!