Saturday 1 June 2013

Ami your 10 Months

Ami your 10 months

My baby is getting so big 
I cant believe your 10 months already
your growing so much 
every day is an adventure for you 

 your so happy all the time
you make us so cheery 
you have learnt so much this last month 
growing up more every day

You have learnt to stand on your own
to dance and sing
your favorite game is putting a ball in a bowl
you love to play

you eat loads of food and with your two little teeth its got easier
you have slept well even napping in the day
you make us laugh when you get cross
Pants loves to play with you

you crawl to daddy when he gets home and love a squishy hug
you love playing with water and love bath time
your an amazing little girl
were so blessed to have you in our lives 

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