Sunday 23 June 2013

Baby number 3: 20 Weeks

So reached the halfway point! hurray it has gone so so quick cant quite believe it, scary next time I see my baby he will be in my arms! In case you didnt see my post we are having a Boy! Exciting times! Pregnancy has been a little rough the last few weeks, been really sick and finding certain foods that trigger it! Gross, never really suffered with sickness in pregnancy so been a new experience!

Also been so tired even found my self after the school run lying down on the sofa having a quick few zzz's whilst Ami is entertained by Pants! Even today in tesco I just had to sit down I came over all pale like I was going to faint! I put it down to low blood sugars!  had a similar experience with Ami but was fortunate to be at work so tested sugar levels was 2.2 when it should be over 4! Got to have a break lol wow thanks!

But other than that everything is going well, he is very active kicking me well! I do love it when you start to see your belly move! I would have taken a bump shot but its exactly the same as 17 weeks haven't grown hugely, Have started with Maternity clothes just to get the usage out of them lol

Did you have any crazy Pregnancy symptoms!

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  1. Aww congrats. I was so sick throughout my pregnancy, I can't even look at ginger now, never mind smell it!

    1. Ha thanks, I cant drink ribena makes me so so sick! strange isnt it!