Thursday 27 June 2013

Reasons to be Cheerful Week 17

So we have had a good week the sunshine sure does alot to change my mood! I love this linky life can be so tough sometimes so its got to focus on the positives.

1) My baby Ami took a few steps, argh shes 10 months and 3 weeks! I thought 2nd children wernt as quick! such a sweetie!

2) Pants had sports day he didnt do too bad, we finished the day with a swim in the sea and a atempt to catch some crabs!

3) We found out were having a boy, was so unexpected and we are so happy!

4) We survived camping we lo forward to going again this weekend (we have purchased a travel cot after an awful night with her sleeping in her pushchair compartment!

5) Last few days of maternity leave, look forward to going back to work also scared as dont really have a childcare plan yet!!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

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  1. Yay for walking! Now the trouble really begins! Have a great week

    1. Oh dear although she is a quick crawler so always happy to get to things not meant for her! LOL xx

  2. Wow walking at 10 little girl is 8 months old and bum shuffling. Wonder when she will walk. The toddler didn't walk till 17 months!
    Congratulations on finding out you are having a boy!

    1. My son was 12 months Ami has always been keen to join in! we thought 2nd was supposed to be slower!!

  3. It is really bittersweet when they move so early - happy to see them grow and sad to say goodbye to tiny babyness. Travel cots are essential for camping with kids x