Monday 8 February 2016

Photo A day - Monday 1st Feb - Monday 8th Feb

Another week has flown by and I can not quite believe it. Only another week until half term so thats a bit of a relief from school runs, homework and all that jazz. 

Monday 1st Feb - ILS training

In the morning I took the little ones to a local soft play area which the little ones enjoyed. they have a little indoor football pitch which suited Son Son, except the fact they only had one football! The afternoon I had my works Life support training. Which was only 4 hours but went by so quick. Realised that I need to get glasses checked as my eyes were so sore at the end. Maybe it was using my brain for something. 

Tuesday 2nd Feb - Train Adventures

Today I took the toddlers on a little adventure on the train without the pushchair. Was a little bit scary getting on the train but they both behaved themselves and it was only a short journey. 

Wednesday 3rd Feb - Free Zoo

We love pet shops give the kids something to shout and point at. They love to look at rabbits and fish so what better for them than pets at home. 

Thursday 4th Feb - Getting there 

So I have been learning to drive for 10 years! I have my test next month, my driving instructor thought it was hilarious my reverse round the corner so he took a picture. Oh dear. 

Friday 5th Feb - Small Steps

My son has never been one to sit still, he as a toddler hated craft and anything like it. For him to come home with something like this makes me feel very happy. He must have put some time and some effort and it shows he can do it. 

Saturday 6th Feb - Sticker Fun

Well what is more fun than putting stickers on your face. Every time. 

Sunday 7th Feb - After work treats

I left work late meaning I missed my bus home, it was windy and rainy so the only place open was good old Maccy D's. My friends were some youths in shorts and caps they obviously were double hard and could deal with 50 MPH winds. 

So there you are another week has past, these pictures make my weeks seem very strange sometimes. 


  1. Pets At Home I love! I used to take my niece there so much, and can't wait to see her in April and go again. I'll go without her too! Well done little ones for your train adventure without the pushchair. :) My weeks look strange too...

  2. Don't like the sound of a driving instructor who takes pictures and laughs at your mistakes. I was 40 when I passed my test, never had a need to before that.
    Well done on the crafting, my older grandson not keen on it either.
    Aaahhh good old pets at home, makes for a great trip into town and a wander round.