Sunday 27 September 2015

Schleich Ocean Range Toy Review

I have been a lover of real life toys since before I can remember. As a child I always wanted to have a shelf that I could place my little toys on and they would never move except for play all in there perfect place. Sadly this never happened and I stayed in my parents bedroom till I was a bout 10 which is rather weird (more on that another time, but on another level means I can put up with the worst of snoring). I noticed these little Schleich toys in my local toy shop and was fascinated. I loved the little figures and imagined my children playing with them. Ive shown my children when in the store and promptly placed them back on the shelf when realising the price.

I never really understood why they were a little more than the cheaper ones I brought until I received a set to review. Quite frankly I was surprised at the quality, they are heavy too not the cheap plastic ones like I purchased before. I didn't realise that each figure is individually painted not make in some factory. I didn't know that a lot of effort was made to make one little figure. From then I understood why they were little bit more expensive and how much they were worth that little more.

We received a large selection of the Schleich Range which included the Schleich Ocean set, a blue whale, Killer whale, Dolphin, Blue shark and a Saw fish. My personal fave was the Killer whale just due to the massive size. The Ocean set contains 4 different sea species all based on the great barrier reef. The animals in the set contained a turtle, Manta Rays, sea horse and a shark. I used to love sharks as a child especially documentaries so I hoped they would generate some interest from my 9 year old son who is fascinated with the sea.

The toddlers loved playing with them Ami's favourite game is to line them up by size any try and tell me what animal they are which is rather hilarious. Son Son likes to make them swim in the water and make them go Rarr which I'm not sure sharks and whales make that noise.

Definably a great purchase and a toy you will know will stand the test of time. The ocean set costs around £15 and is worth it as it contains 4 sea creatures.  The single figures such as the whales and sharks do vary from prices from £5 upwards which looking back really weren't as pricey as I remember in the shop that day. A great present or stocking filler as we are this side of Christmas. They have gone down a treat with my little ones.

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  1. Oh I love these - my kids love the sea and these would be perfect stocking fillers! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested