Monday 21 September 2015

Finding the Joy #2

I wrote a post a few weeks bak about taking more time to look into the good in our lives. Since then I have been majorly busy so it will have to be the little things. The little things that have made me smile or even cry that have filled me with such joy. You see it has taken me some tim to adjust to being a working mum/ mum / blogger. It seems there is always one of these tat is lacking I am still trying to get a good balance.

A Bottle Of Lucazade 

As a nurse you can have good shifts and bad shifts. This one day I was rushed of my feet all day and busy beyond belief. Bed managers were pilling on the pressure and things were not going to plan. I text my husband about dropping in a drink. He calls me to say here is a bottle of lucazade, me in my selfish ways says I don't want it, I don't like it. Next thing half hour later  after getting all the kids from nursery he drops it off anyway. I was so happy, that even though I mugged him off he still came to help. I did not drink my drink I was too busy and forgot about it. 

Parenting For Nine Years.

My eldest turned nine last week which is completely crazy. These last few years have just flown I am still suck with having a 4 year old pre schooler now he is in year 4 and acting like a right old teenager. I still remember the day he was born, the fear I felt. The realisation that this was my life, I would never be alone again. Suddenly the 17 year old girl that I was, was suddenly replaced by a grown up. It was a sobering day. My Asti though has helped so much, he was the reason I wanted to do something with my life. I started university to break the culture and stereotype of being a young mum. He was the motivation behind who I am now. That little baby with colic that didn't stop crying. That as he got older would sleep in till past 9am every day. To the boy he is now, such a handsome cleaver chap. I am beyond blessed to be his mum. I love him to bits. 9 though argh deffo not ready for 10!

Laser Tag Victories

If you haven't played laser tag I really encourage you, we have one in our town and it is such good fun. I really love it, me and 9 other ladies all went for an hours session. It was such a laugh hiding and shooting people running around like a wally. I cut my hand open but it was totally worth it. The hour just flew and we must have burnt tons of calories. We then went for cake after which totally made it worth while. Sometimes its these things, a few hours away from the kids that mean a lot. The two hours I was away was the only break I have had in a long while. Do not get me wrong I love the kids but I love a break too. I love being able to talk with friends without having them subjected to being hit with cushions, which I think is the reason why nobody ever comes round. I was thankful to my husband who had them for the morning even after being stay at home dad the two previous days when I was at work. 

So that is it for now short and sweet for the time being. Another week flown by, I am sick of writing that but its so true. Life is pretty darn good I am more than blessed. 

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