Wednesday 30 September 2015

Me and Mine - September

 It is always my favourite part of the month capturing this photo of five. 
We are always so busy its very rare were all together but its so lovely. 
I really treasure any little thing we do as a five, weather its dinner or the normal day to day stuff 
its good to be together. 

This month Daddy is Loving
- Watching Arsenal Play at the Emirates 
- His wife letting him go to Vienna next month
- Playing Football and fifa 16
- Family Time

Mummy is loving:
- Autumn sunshine.
- Days of with the family.
- The routine of school again.
- Lie ins and extra sleep  

Asti is loving:
- Turning Nine this month and getting shedloads of money for a 9 year old.
- Going back to school and seeing all his friends.
- Fifa 16 
- New books to read

Ami is loving
- Starting Pre school 
- Asking everyone where there Mum is (Always awkward to the older generation) 
- New Peppa Pig Wellies
- Seeing all her cousins at an family party

Son Son is loving
- Speaking a bit more
- Reading books 
- Playing with Trains
- Looking for planes and helicopters. 

We took these photos at the end of our road. We live on the road at the top of the stairs in the photo. After we took the photo and walked home there was the most beautiful sunset in the back ground if only we waited a little bit. Maybe we could aim for that next month as the Autumn sunsets here in the East Kent coast are really stunning. Its such a beautiful in a neglected past time way, there is lots of gardens and fences that edge right up into the cliffs its such mystery. I would love to find out a bit of history as it has always fascinated me. 

So another month down of this fast paced year. 
Time is well and truly speeding past my children are growing up too fast.
Life is so sweet. 


  1. Such lovely happy family photos and how lucky you are to live somewhere where you can just walk down the road and have a gorgeous backdrop to your photos. Sounds like you have had a good month too :-)

  2. These are lovely photos, what a wonderful place to have right on your doorstep :) #meandmine

  3. Great photos and fab location! #meandmine

  4. These are brilliant. I need some tips for taking family photos as we really struggle to get a good one... and there's only 3 of us!! You are my new hero!


    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  5. Oh what a beautiful spot for some very happy photos, what a treat to be that close to the coast :)

  6. Children grow up some fast that it is nice have #me&mine photos each month. Love how close you are the beach. Have a fun October!

  7. I thought we were lucky living so close to the beach, but boy you're close!