Saturday 5 September 2015

Have we been to busy for our kids?

I always said I liked being busy. I liked the days being filled with things to do but now I am starting to loathe being so busy. My days feel rushed and I often feel cheated. I feel like I have my finger in too many pies and a lot of things get left out. 

See we've have our busiest summer fitting in working/ volunteering at different community projects whilst fitting in our own jobs and family lives. Do not get me wrong we have loved it so much. My poor old blog got neglected as I took time to enjoy things. I sat and slouched on the sofa watching TV on my nights of. Now its all over were back to routine. The nights are pulling in, Summer feels well and truly over. Ive contemplated putting the heating on for my frozen toes its depressing. 

The kids have found it tough, they have been so busy they do not know what to do with themselves. They wander round emptying toy boxes. My eldest just wants to be in front of a screen and the babies fighting over anything and everything. I wonder did we over do it? We've seen a backlash from Ami and she's shown us some new bad behaviours. She never has been a rude child and now is on another level. They have been waking in the night sometimes for hours. Me and my husband are exhausted. Was it worth it? Im hoping this will settle down in the next few days. Questions are asked did we give the kids enough time? We were with them a lot but was it enough? Instead of staying out should we have missed it. We my heart says no but I am sometimes fat too free as a parent. 

I plan to turn the tv off, get off my phone and play with them. I always find this hard always have, I really have to force my self. Its something I always try to change. See I don't have many memories of my parents playing with me and I do not want that for my own children.  All children are different but mine do not have much interest in toys. Thinking I should ship them of to the charity shop I am sure they will then! Im lost really Ive forgotten being mum at home. Its only been a few weeks, I need to get that messy play out. Make things be creative with them. Its taken me 9 years but I am finally relaxing about paint. 

I think its just been hard going back to work normal hours, sorting school stuff out again. Our summer was great and we must not forget that. I would go through it again for a few days of being rocked about by the kids, because the memories they have made over the summer were awesome. They really are privileged kids. The summer is when they are most free and able to do things they usually can't (like drink Dr Peppa, ok that was once in desperation to try and keep the kids in the Marquee one really windy tent!!). Yes Our Summer was great. 

Heres some Photos of all the family. I was supposed to take a family shot for our last of the summer Nando's but completely forgot. So heres some random ones from the car!!

I love my little family. 

Till next Summer (Sob Sob) 

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