Thursday 8 January 2015

Help save me from Match Attax Cards

One day I have the fear that I will be enveloped by a set of match attack cards! I must have spent more than £50 this season alone on these silly cards. I find them everywhere too, they are down every sofa, in every draw and even in my work bag! We have done match attax for the last few years but it has only been this last school year where it has really exploded and my son and all his friends are into it.

As much as I love him having a hobby I just hate these silly cards as come September they will be thrown away (well the ones I havent got my hands on yet). Also he never keeps them safe meaning the babies get hold of them and before I know it I am collecting them from under the sofa and trying to sort the teams. 

Pants football manager printed these cards

There is also the issue of swaps at school, someone always makes a bad swap and someone always gets upset. Then you get a phone call from the school to say can they look in your sons bags to sort the cards and it becomes a big faff! Back in my day you did a bad move in pogs you delt with it. Ive had parents come up to me at school and say which cards do we have, Its all rather ridiculous and I will be glad when the next fad thing comes along. 

I can not complain it could be worse, ok I have to fight two toddlers off the cards and make sure they do not rip them or bend them. Also playing top trumps with 200 cards aside takes forever but at least he is intrested in something.


  1. this made me laugh. Reminds me of the loom bands in our house last year. everywhere - no matter how many times I hovered them up. And the girls arguing over colours and designs. Thankfully, they seem to have moved on from the little pesks. Lovely blog :)

  2. School and parents shouldn't be interfering in these matters, unless there is some serious trouble. We did a couple of card albums in the past but never finished them

  3. Oh my goodness I am totally with you there! These cards are a new thing for us and a bane of my life! I had no idea they'll get thrown away at the end of the season! x x

  4. oh my what memories you have just brought back for me sharing this with us, i used ot also collect these and so surprised they are still out

  5. Oh we went through a match attax phase a few years ago...never again

  6. All I am thinking right now is thank goodness I don't have a boy! But then...loom bands! Kids really do have odd obsession don't they?! Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x