Tuesday 20 January 2015

Finding the time

Finding the time,

Do you ever just think about that?

I have a lot lately, I seem to be forever chasing my tail and feeling like things are unfinished and my life is a mess. The washing is forever beating me, homework, washing up another killer, blogging and everything else. You see I am not an organised person. I am extremely scatty and last minute which leaves me feeling like I am always on the go.

My biggest bugbear is blogging, you see I love to write, I like to write about anything I just love trying and using a pen. I feel as I am dyspraxic and generally awkward it helps me to express in away I just Can't with face to face. So lately I have sat down and been so uninspired to write, mainly because I do not have a lot to write about. My life is rather dull at times and there is only so many times you can write about things. A lot of the time I get distracted by things and before I know it it's bedtime and I feel cheated as I did not get a lot done. I want to put the effort in as I enjoy it, I am hoping warmer weather may help me be inspired again.

The there is family time, we have hectic weekends with me working, football, church, football and there is always something on. All I want to do most the time is just relax with the family but we never find the time. We have nit been swimming in forever and the most we see off each other all together is dinner time some nights if the week. It's gutting and and each week I try and make it bette but I just don't find the time. 

Apmaybe I should make more of an effort in being organised if I out things in category's it may help? Sort out my times, plan things well, then I may feel less like my life is flashing by in 200 miles per hour stylie. I think I also need to not be so hard on myself, I am a busy working mum of 3, I am involved in a lot of things that take up evenings and need to come up with something that accommodates that. Blogging is my hobby, my little outlet in the world, my place to express how I am feeling, what we've been up too. So should dtop being so hard on myself if I don't post so often! 

Do you have any tips or help for me the poor busy mummy! 

When I find the time I may reply to your comment!


  1. I feel your pain! Full time working mummy here, by the time we've got the littlun to bed at night, it's dinner, a programme and bed! The weekends we always manage to be doing stuff even when we don't have plans! I've been doing this month long blogging challenge to post every day and it has been so tough to find the time but so far I have. That said, I think I'll be relieving the stress of that and going back to every couple of days in February! Today I felt like you that I had no inspiration to write as we aren't hugely interesting and then I remembered a comment my other half made yesterday and suddenly I had a whole post! It's funny where it suddenly comes from! It's annoying that we have to find time to do our hobby, something that we love but I guess that is just the busy lives we lead :) xx

  2. I am the same hunny and I don't think me and you are alone in this. I swear time is going faster and faster. No way did my own mother feel this busy and this on the go go go . I think society is going faster and faster so it pressures us to do the same. back generations they lives a slower pace life. I often wonder what that would feel like? Glad I am not alone in my thinking. Great post. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  3. Sara~I understand how you're feeling. The constant in our house is definitely that go go go mentality, as we are in places doing thing in (it seems like) all hours of the day. But your mentality is in the right path: you shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Yes, you like blogging, and yes you love the art of writing, but not being able to do it often does not mean it's being neglected. When you do find time to write and practice your craft, you enjoy it right? I think that's the important part. Your life may be flashing by, but if you find some time to slow it down, even if its just for a few minutes, it's worth the while. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hello there, oh I am so relieved to hear you say this-I am a mum of one so hats off to you, I find it hard enough to fit everything is at it is! Everything rushes by in the blink of an eye most days and before I know it it's midnight and I still haven't done what I should have. The only way I can do at least some of the things I need to is by arranging times for things and making lists. But please don't be hard on on yourself, you are a natural and engaging writer, and I love reading your blog-and the most important thing is that you enjoy what you do. x #sharewithme