Friday 2 August 2013

Review: The Maths Factor Summer school

Last year was our first big break between school and Pants transitioned from year R to year 1! During that time I was not very good at keeping up with reading or maths as much as I would when he is in school. So this summer I wanted to be a little different and in with the busyness of serving on mission really wanted Pants to keep up with the subjects he loves at school! So when we were asked to review a summer school online Maths program I was delighted!

So after setting up a parent account then one for Pants he was very excited to be able to use mummy’s laptop and take part in the Maths challenges ahead! Pants is very good on computers so had no trouble getting round the program, I was happy to leave him to it. He sat for ages concentrating and typing numbers into the computer! I couldn't believe it at only 6 he worked out how to do it, im sure not so long ago I would have to sit next to him and help him read the questions. He took delight in getting the answers right and called me every time he won a star I also received an email to tell me about his progress on the Maths summer school.

One thing that Pants really liked was having his own log in details maybe he felt a like a grown up logging into something or like he was in some special club. This is ideal for a rainy day or even in the morning before going out to not only entertain but also keep your child up to date with their math skills. Also the program works with your child’s pace and there is plenty to do to keep them interested. I as a parent of an very energetic boy would really recommend this not only has it kept him quiet for a little while but he has really enjoyed it and keeps on asking to take part. Also the summer school is based on years so that you know your child is covering stuff they have learnt in their curriculum at school.

The summer school is currently holding a offer of £5 of so Its only £9.99 at the moment! So I would get it quick so you can make the most of it all summer! Keep your child’s Maths skills up so they are ready for school in September!

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