Thursday 8 August 2013

Reason be cheerful - Week 22

I often find that I am amazed by the little things that happen in life that can make me so joyful. Doing something with my son that puts a smile on his face or being generous to someone can really change your day! My reasons to be cheerful are as follows...

1) my little girl turned one this week! how scary fast did that go! in three months time we will be adding another member to our family then im sure time will go even quicker then!

2) We have finished our first mission event and now at our second! Which is a community event based in Sidcup called lark in the park! The kids are having a good time Pants has been enjoying going to bed really late some nights, playing football and play station! Last night they let him stay in the teenage area at the age of 6 this was a big deal for him!! Ami is enjoying wondering around with the added bonus of finding something to eat of the floor! My children are easily pleased!

3) Ami had tonsilitis on her birthday but she was so well i doubted taking her to the out of area doctors, especially when she was laughing and playing in the waiting room, but one look in her throat she had bad tonsils, she is a lot better now!

4) We have two more days here before we head home and get ready for our own Lark in the Park in Ramsgate! Im actually sad to be leaving but will be nice to have a little family time before the next event starts!

5) Always the weather its been lovely for such a long time I love it!! I dont mind the odd rain shower when its followed by sunshine!


  1. Your reasons are fabulous! such a happy post, hope your daughter feels better soon x

  2. Hi linking up via the #R2BC this week, fab blog you have here, I am a newbie blogger and still getting to grips with everything however I hope your daughter feels better soon and I look forward to finding out more about your blog :)

    1. I hope you work out I still a newbieish I suppose Love blogging :)

  3. Ohh Lark in the Park sounds fabulous, well done. Mich x

  4. 1 is such a lovely age. Glad you are all having a fab time