Sunday 11 August 2013

How to make a Birthday Chalkboard

Its such a special time celebrating a baby's first birthday! What better way to remember than to make a sign to remind you of all the things they do and like. I had seen some on pinterest and was desperate to have a go! It took about two hours to complete and I am Happy with how it came out! Maybe next time would take it out side to a lovely tree or country side in the background! 

To Make all you need is:

  • large Chalkboard/ Card (I actually used Black Foam)
  • Coloured Chalks ( I got mine from Early Learning Centre, they ended up being a bit too bulky) 
  • Pencil For outline 
  • Good Rubber
  • Plenty of Patience 

To start of Make sure you are sure what you want to put on the board, I looked at many different designs and decided on one that I liked and used a similar format. I wrote a list of stuff that Ami liked and made sure I knew her weights.  I made sure that the pencil was sharp so I could draw out the layout before I got involved with the chalks. Then when I was happy with the design I got the chalks out, I am extremely clumsy and knew because it was made of foam I didn't have a lot of room for error so had to be neat! I would recommend spraying with hairspray when finished to keep the design as it is.  The hardest part was getting Amelie to sit next to the sign when it was finished!! she enjoyed whacking it but did not want to sit or stand still when there was too much excitement around! Great picture to treasure were not sure what to do with the sign maybe turn it around she can use it as a chalkboard!! 


  1. What a Fantastic idea - well done x

  2. I am so pleased you wrote this i loved this board when i saw the post about her birthday. it really is beautiful x

    Thanks for linking up with #PoCoLo x

  3. Lovely! What a great idea :) #PoCoLo