Friday 24 May 2013

Bath time baby sensory

After seeing many people on their blogs try out thease water beads, I really wanted to try them out! I thought in the bathroom there would be less chance of  me  ami or pants getting them everywhere!

So I was deciding what to do with them and i heard a huge crash Pants had wanted to see what they were and poured them out into the bath as you do!! so i collected them all up (took forever) so just ended up putting them in a tub and running a bath for Ami.

Ami absolutely loved them she like the texture and colour, she did manage to put a few in her mouth but promptly spat them out as they didn't taste of anything! Pants also loved them they were so bouncy he wanted to stay in the bath for ages!!

They were alot of fun and for £1.75 good fun for bath time! although they shrunk 3 days later all went down the plug hole we enjoyed playing with them!!


  1. looks a lot of fun can't wait to try some bathtime sensory fun with baby. I didn't really do it with my first.
    I hopped across for the first time from My Life as a Mummy's link up. Nice to meet you! x

  2. She looks like she's having great fun! When I read posts like this it makes me wish I still had littlies! Popping over from #Pocolo :)

  3. I miss this stage, lovely fun times.

  4. OOh they do look a lot of fun, Z would LOVE These. He's a big fan of water toys!

  5. I've not heard of these, they look fun and so colourful. I bet my Little Man would love them


    1. yes they were good fun they were from Ebay :)

  6. I love these beads!! i need to get some out in the garden when we are back from holiday x

  7. I never knew about these when Grace was small but I will certainly look out for them next time around. They are beautifully colourful too :) Thanks for linking again xx