Tuesday 25 August 2015

Son Son you are 21 months

This month has flown by an we have been so busy I have intact missed a month sorry Son son when you read this when your older. I hope you don’t mind and its in fact testiment to the fact that we are busy making memories. 

SO first things first these months my little boy is changing so much. Each month we fall a little but more in love with this beautiul boy.So here you are Son Son this months update. 

This month we are finally getting a few more words, some clear ones and other attempts. 
You now call us mumma and Dadda but sometimes Daddy is called Matty. You call your dummy a more and a muzzy a mine. You also say milk you obviously love the M words. You love to shout especially when someone takes something of yours.

You still love to throw EVERYTHING. literally everything ends up at someones head. Its becoming a joke that you never miss. It can also be frustrating at times. Especially when you throw something at another child. 

You love your food and can demolish a huge plate of food. Your favourite food is still Mash and veg but you also love pasta too. Lunch is your least favourite meal and you hardly eat it unless its a hot meal. You know where the biscuits are kept and spend the whole day asking for one. You love to drink and could down a drink in next to no time.

You have enjoyed having a little bit of freedom this summer. Although you still shout when you can't see your parent. Especially if we go somewhere new. You like to pull your parents to where you want to go which can be not very helpful at times. You also like to bundle other children which is not always great. Especially when the child is maybe an only child and not used to another child bundling  them. You also hit other children which is very annoying along with throw balls at them. I think its the way you communicate because you do not talk so much. I hope its just a phase as its hard to tell you off as you too cute. 

You love to be outside and will play for ages outside. In the garden you won't play out on your own prefer to be with company. You and Ami have enjoyed throwing water over each other this summer. You throw lot of sand but have started to make sand castles.

You adore the sea and love to go in even in your clothes. We always find that strange as you still hate the bath!! You will play in any water thats not the bath or the shower, maybe your just copying your older brother? You have had a fun summer with a lot of it spent at the beach.

You are such a cute boy and you bring us such such joy. 
Heres to another month, well another two months that have flown by. 

We love you lots Sun Bear 


  1. Such cute pictures, sounds like you've had a fab summer :-) Our little boy loves to bundle too, but only Mummy and Daddy.

  2. He's such a cutie! The throwing and hitting phase will pass, I remember it well from my oldest!
    Thanks for linking up with #WhatmyKiddid!
    Lauren | Belle du Brighton xx