Sunday 30 August 2015

Losing the blogging mojo

Have you ever lost your blogging spark?

Well that's a bit how I am feeling at the moment. I've been blogging for two and a half years and although at times I have loved it, I am now wondering if I want to continue to do so. 

You see I am sometimes just so busy I do not have the time to put in the effort that I would like. My posts are rushed photos are rushed and it's not what I want. I started blogging to write about our days out and what we get up to but I now mostly forget to do so like the Disneyland Paris trip from June doh. I like to write funny posts but how often do I do that?.

It's been a busy summer so I suppose getting back into the swing of things will be hard. I've got a long list of reviews to write and other things I've agreed to. Which is good it gives me content when I struggle to find anything. 

I've stepped back from some social media platforms and somehow have lost that community feel I used to get from blogging. There's so many nowadays it's easy to get lost and forgotten about. Maybe I've been a bit guilty of link dumping and other things that I've done in a rush. 

I think if I want to continue blogging I should come more organised, use my time more wisely and make sure that I enjoy what I am writing about. I be lost that spark that I have had, maybe it may come back I am not so sure. The thing is if I am busy what will I do instead.

Have you any advice for getting excited about blogging again? 


  1. You have that 'going back to work' feeling and it's horrid. Love Lucy's suggestion on FB. Are you looking to push your blog to a business? I have just done 30 Day Blogging Challenge and although I haven't got a business or a product, I've learnt tons and it really has given me a lift about blogging.
    Pop over to & have a look.
    In the meantime try not to worry about it. Hugs!1

  2. Blogging lulls suck,'I get them all the time. If I'm out of twitter for ages it seems too hard to get back in but you have to dive in. A 30 day challenge is a great idea. Take a deliberate break, plan some posts remember why you started blogging and start writing again when you're ready. the worst thing is to put pressure on yourself. We all need a break sometimes x

  3. I'd just say relax and don't be too harsh on yourself - belong when you feel you want to and give it a miss at other times. I very often don't get the chance to blog about special days / holidays etc and it used to worry me like i was letting my blog down by not filling it with everything we were doing in real life but now i figure even if a fraction of it makes it onto the blog it gives the kids something to look back on in the future and even the reviews etc still try to capture memories and photos of the kids too so i try not to feel too guilty if some months the blog is a bit neglected or only has review type content on it. I hope you don't give up altogether as i enjoy reading snippets of what you get up to and seeing your lovely kids grow. xxx

    1. 'belong' was supposed to say 'blog' - sorry for the typo. x