Monday 31 August 2015

Me and Mine - August

Sorry guys I am a little late this month. With it being the summer I planned in my head plenty of beach shots, times together but no we didn’t manage to get a photo together. This month has been incredibly busy with both me and my husband volunteering at different events over the summer. 

Now its all come to an end yesterday was the lark day of Lark in the Park an event in our area serving the local area and providing free event for all ages. The kids love it they basically get a new type of freedom and the chance to be round lots of people making lots of attention of them. My husband is busy on the media team so I spent a lot of time following Ami and Son Son around. We have loved it and I knew we will miss it. We started the summer serving at a local event called Scripture union, then on to Lark in the Park Sidcup then finally Ramsgate Lark. Its been a good one, not to forget fitting in our actual jobs in-between. Busy Busy.

So it gets to tonight and my hubby was home after a long night and day packing marquees and media bits away and we thought lets go to Nandos, you know one of them cheeky Nandos then my hubby said lets get the waitress to take one, but guess what we forgot!! SO it was a quick one on the sofa ( a photo you dodgy codger). A busy busy month I am so sad its over Ive looked forward to August since last August. Its by far my best month of the year, a little bit sad my photo doesn’t reflect that. 

Heres to next month, hoping for an indian summer, no rain, no crazy wind blowing marquees around. None of that just lovely sunshine. Just so I can catch up on my tanning like my sister. 

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  1. August is such an busy month! I always start a month with lots of photo ideas & inspiration too, but it never goes to plan! Your summer sounds like you have all had lots of fun even though you had so much happening x