Monday, 31 August 2015

Bright Eyes Pet Cat Review

We recently have had the chance to check out Bright Eyes Pets a cute fluffy soft toy which makes sounds and eyes light up. Well when it came it was world war three with a toddler on each side of the box fighting to hug it first. Ami got hold of it first leaving a deflated Son Son of to find his own soft toy. 

They are sutible for the both the day and the night with a calming effect by stroking the back and helping the cat fall asleep. We did try this with Ami as she struggles to fall asleep and maybe thought it could potentially help her but she is so funny about teddies in her bed it did not make the cut. Son Son took it as his chance to have the cat but I had to sneak in his room and take it as it was keeping him up, I was not flavour of the month there. 

What I didn't realise that the cat had an on and off button so can be switched on if its keeping toddlers up at night. When you stroke the cats head it purrs and makes general cat sounds. Some cute some no so, but the toddlers loved it all the same. 

I caught Ami throwing the cat too the cheeky monkey. She just loved playing with it and making it purr. Especially giving it for me to hold and carry especially when she made us take it out then refused to hold it. So I got to carry the cat that purred. I didn't mind really it is quite cuddly.. As you can see from the photo below that the cats eyes do light up. They also have a little bird in the eyes too. This is to help at night (or in our case help to keep to cheeky toddlers awake at night). 

All in all it is rather cute and a good size too. It retails at £19.99 and you can find out a little more here and even buy one too. It comes in other animals if a cats not your taste there is an owl, elephant and a dog to take your fancy too.

Disclosure: We were sent this for the purpose of the review all words and opinions are out own. 


  1. He is rather cute! I am not sure the eyes would help soothe my kids to sleep either, although great for kids who hate being in the complete dark

  2. He looks super cute until the eyes go on! Eeek! That would scare me! But I'm a scaredy cat anyway. ;) #TriedTested

  3. Aww! That is rather cute and it sounds like your kids have been having a great time with it x

  4. Isnt this just the cutest! Elliott loves cats so i think he would defo love this! Such a lovely read! Thanks for sharing! Suz x

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