Tuesday 4 August 2015

Ami you are THREE

My little Ami you are three today!!!


It seems like yesterday I had to call Daddy to get him to come home to take me to the hospital. Apparently after I called the tried to put a TV on the wall and had to push him out the door. 

You have had a very fun and exciting year how ever quick it has been. You have been to France twice, camping and hanging out at festivals. You started nursery and we saw a completely different side to you at nursery. We heard reports of you being kind and caring to the other children and wanting to learn. 

You learned to use the toilet all on your own accord, and refused to wear nappies. 
You have made us laugh countless time with your boldness to ask anybody questions how ever random they are.
You have the most fabulous vocabulary and often amaze people at the clarity and understanding that you have. 

So here is some photos of the past year and some of the memorable moments from the past year as I sob at how quick it has gone. 

This was you at Lark in the Park Ramsgate last year. You loved the freedom of being able to do what you wanted. You loved to explore and even going on bouncy castles. 

This was from our family holiday to France with masses of relatives. You cherished this week and didn't stip going on about it for weeks after. A massive holiday with all your cousins you loved it. 

This is one of our after school  beach trips from when we lived in 

You really do have the best smile and the ability to make the hardest of hearts smile. 

I took this photo when we moved house, finally from a two bedroom flat to  four bedroom house. You had your own bedroom and loved it. 

This is just one of you and Son Son I found knocking around on the hard drive. One of our days of not really doing much but feeling like we had.

This was a photo form one of our family shots. In the whole year you still event got to grips with Mummy taking a photo of you every month.  


You loved Christmas and really wanted a bike, you were so dissapointed with the balance bike you received and wanted a bike with pedals like Asti. You did get completely spoilt. 

You hair finally looked like it was growing, with it being so curly it seemed to look the same length for a long time. We do get complemented on your hair a lot which you either give a funny look or smile sweetly. Me and Daddy are still amazed that you have such curly hair when we don't! 

Just a photo I took on the bed one day, just a normal day at home. You loved to have a sandwich for lunch when at home and even though you do not eat it you don't like change of routine. You favourite dinner has always been pasta and you will each as much as we give you. 

This photo was taken from a beach stroll one Sunday afternoon to broad stairs. We stopped of and had an ice cream before heading in the warm. 

This one and the next are both from Minnis bay, A place where we all have grown to love.

This was taken at Spring harvest, you enjoyed a week at what you called Butlins Harvest. Even though you were cross at out Nanny Ruth you did enjoy rolling round on your balance bike and causing trouble with your friend Noah. 

This was just a picture I caught of you at church doing some actions very sweet to watch. 

Another Sunday afternoon at Minnis Bay. 

We went camping at a festival called Big Church day out. Daddy was working at the event so we had the whole event to wander round and walk up steep hills. Such a good weekend with my friend Leanne and her children. 

You always were and still are a Daddys girl, ever since you started talking you have asked were he is non stop. The same is true today we get about a million questions a day where Daddy is. You need to know what time he is home the lot. 

Never one to smile at a photo when asked to, still Mummy is trying to learn how to make you smile in a photo. 

A day out with Son Son at Margate, you love the beach and love to build sand castles even decorate them. You even went crabbing for the first time this year and was scared of the crabs. You even tried to let them go as you were a little bit bored of how long it took to catch them. 

These are us on our holiday to France back in June. You love this holiday so much we went swimming every day you loved it. You and Son Son traveled round in this cool toddler truck in which you loved. 

Whilst in France we went to Disneyland too, where you saw Elsa and walked round all day. You fell asleep on Mummys shoulders at 11:30pm. It was a magical day and one we won't forget in a hurry. 

This was from the little beach on holiday it was such warm weather and other days rainy. You loved to explore the parks but the pool was where you wanted to be the most. 

As the weather got warmer we started to explore more beaches, I say explore we only visit the ones we love.

An evening at Margate beach with the family. 

You we to Wingham Wildlife park and loved a monkey with a Teddy. You loved it so much we had to stay there for 30 mins whilst it performed all sort of tricks for you. It was rather cute to watch. 

So here was just a few of the special moments from the last year, obviously there is so so many. I could go on and on. You Ami are such an awesome girl we are so PROUD to be your parents. 

We love you lots Ami bear.


  1. Happy birthday to your little one! She's so adorable! Love the photos :)

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  2. Happy birthday Ami! Lovely photos and I love her hair! #MMWBH

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    I hope she had a wonderful birthday x

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