Thursday 12 March 2015

Cornish Daisy Dribble Bib and Blanket Review

I am a little obsessed with stars, always have been. Most the baby items I buy generally have stars on so I was glad to review this beautiful blanket and dribble bib to review from the wonderful Cornish Daisy. The best thing is that all the items are handmade and done to a excellent standard. Katy heads up Cornish Daisy who came up with the idea when her daughter was born premature and she wanted something super soft and also absorbent. They are made to a fantastic standard and you can see more of the products available on the Cornish Daisy Website here.

Son Son is 15 months and is in the throws of teething and being a dribble monster. We have found it hard to find a absorbent bib that looks good as well as doing a good job. There is a whole range of different designs to choose from and there is bound to be one that tickles your fancy. The bib has two fastenings so that it can grow with your baby/ toddler. I love the fleecy backing to the bib its so soft it is suitable for a newborn. It has also managed to keep Son Son dry as she is trying to drink out of a cup which usually ends up all down his front.

The blanket has caused lots of arguments between the toddlers as they fight who can lie on it or have it on their laps. The blanket is the perfect size to fit under the pushchair and pull out when it gets a little chilly. Its light weight and washes well, because its make out of fleece it dries in next to no time. The blanket is super soft and they have been enjoying snuggling on the sofa under it. It will be perfect for the summer when we are out and about as a mini picnic blanket. It looks lovely and we have had nothing but complements about the blanket when people have seen it. 

The great thing is that they are all homemade and made in Britain are by buying into Cornish Daisy you are helping our own businesses too.  The Blankets and bibs make a perfect gift for any new baby or birthday as they are reasonable in price and also fantastic quality.  The Dribble bibs range from £5.99 and the Blankets from £12.99 ( yes that's right what a fab price) for it to be homemade and wonderfully designed such a bargain. You can buy the set about (bib and blanket) for only £16.99 and with free delivery over £15 what are you waiting for.

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