Thursday 19 March 2015

Reasons To be Cheerful #2

So I need a bit of joy today, need to remember whats going good in our little lives because lots is and I do not take much note of it. I love to look at lives positives focusing on the rubbish gets you nowhere so here is this weeks reasons to be happy.

1 - My husband has had lots of work, this has been good that he is busy. He is very talented at what he does so its great seeing some of the jobs he is working on. He recently has been making a short film that will be showed at our church I can not wait to see it finished, being his wife I often have to watch it alot to see the changes. Me and the kids are all in it as Extras so will share it when its done.

2 - Although today I had a shocking parents evening they said he was very bright, also that he was top in Maths and Reading. I feel like I finally got somewhere with the school and hope they continue to communicate with me to help Asti at school.

3- I have a week of Annual leave coming up soon where we are of to spring Harvest. Will be nice to get away with the husband and kids. We are both volunteering but it should be fun all the same. We can go swimming, go to the fun fare and all the fun things you can do at mine head.

4 - Life is not feeling as crazy at the moment, I have felt like I was in the fast lane lately. This week especially has been a bit slower in pace, and with the warmer weather we have had for like two days it has made me happy. I also worked my first nightshift in a long time and managed to stay awake.

5 - I am slowly trying to do more in the days with the toddlers, they both love crafts and I am slowly getting more daring. I may never be a proper craft/ sensory play mum but I am trying. I find it a bit stressful but they love it.

So this is my few reasons to be cheerful, there is so many more but this is enough for now.


  1. Ohh your blog has changed since I was last here. I hope you have an amazing time at Spring Harvest, we are not going this year de to cost and I'm al sad about it! Mich x

  2. Have a lovely time at Spring Harvest, your little sausage dog is adorable :) #r2bc

  3. It's so important to remind ourselves about the many reasons we have to be cheerful, I'd forgotten so ty for the reminder, makes me feel so much better thinking about the hood things!

  4. Oh I hope you have a lovely harvest. Glad to hear your hubby is busy, it's always a relief when the work is around. Thanks for joining in, it's good to look out for the little things xx