Saturday 7 March 2015

Everything is good in Daddys arms

Being a single parent for many years I often was the Dad, I learnt how to make a excellent paper airplane and how to kick a ball round in the garden for years. So when I met my husband and he stepped up and filled that gap I never felt so grateful. The day I introduced him to my son properly for the first time he had so much love for him and could not wait till we saw him again. I never knew what I was missing and we have been so blessed ever since.

Now we have more little ones to add to the mix they all love Daddy, when Ami was a baby when he left for work in the morning she would sit by the front door and cry for a good 5 minutes. Then when she could hear his car she would crawl to the front door and wait for her day to pick her up and place her in his arms. It has always been the same, she does not cry now but she is a little sad that he has gone. Son Son is the same too when my husband gets home he cries until he is picked up. Poor Daddy is split by 3 as they all want a piece, its lovely to see and a bit of freedom for me! 

I was talking with a friend about the roles of Mum's and Dad's and how the Mum is the nurturer and the Dad is the one the children go to for affirmation. It was interesting and got me thinking that actually my hubby is a bit of both. He does a much better job than me when he has the kids and I think the kids actually prefer him and his cooking (he is not good it is just the novelty of it all). See he is something special. 

You see everything is better in Daddy's arms, they tell him whats wrong and he holds them tight in his massive arms. Stroking their little backs and telling them its all ok. Its beautiful to see and you can see how much he loves them. He places them down and they are full of so much joy. It does leave me thinking though do they care that much when I am at work? I wonder if they do, I know they love it with Daddy he lets them do what they want and feeds them lots of biscuits so it was always going to be fun, When I get home they are happy but its not Daddy happy. We all love  Daddy he is one Special man. 


  1. This is really insightful thank you! My little girl loves to snuggle with daddy and hide from things too.
    Glad you found such a special man x

  2. Both of my girls are 'daddies girls' when I take them out its normal. But when their dad takes them they can not contain their excitement! I think it is a novelty for them as he works a lot. I do sometimes feel left out but I love the bond they have :)

  3. Aw what a lovely post and one I can completely relate to. I have two Daddy's girl's and to me there is nothing better than watching my husband with them- it's such a special relationship. x