Saturday 14 February 2015

Sometimes Love is a funny thing, Its this love that makes me strive, that makes me want to do the best for my family. Love Is the simple thing the glue that holds us together. My husband is a very special man, I do not tell him enough! He makes me laugh when I am in the foulest moods and is forever getting alongside me and helping me make the best choices.

I hate being a apart from him but I also enjoy it, as I love seeing him after a period of time apart. I watch videos of him online (there is a few) and wait patiently for that call. I then wait for him to come home and like an excited school girl, my heart pounds and every sound of a car pulling up outside I leap up to check the window (often hiding in case he see's me being silly).

See he is a funny man, he makes me smile alot. Sometimes he can cause me to laugh so much I have had to leave the room in order to contain myself (This was at church, he did it on purpose)! I love this man, I am so grateful and blessed that I met him! Even more so that he was interested in me.

I am so blessed, he puts up with me after a long day. A long day full of stress and pressure and does not complain listening to my rants. Tells me when he thinks I am doing the wrong thing. Makes me a tea when I am stressed then lets me lie in. He has really impressed me these few months he is the best father to the kids I ever could imagine. It was a gift from God the day I met him, it really was.

Our First Photo together 

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