Saturday 28 February 2015

Me and Mine February

I love taking our me and mine photo each month, I am always so pleased with the outcome. This month I was thinking all month where we could have our photo taken and time was running out. Both me and my husband have been busy with work and finding a time for the 5 of us was becoming a fine task. So last night my husband was running late and we were locked out so we went to our local green and waited. Poor Little Bear was having none of it he was so cold, if you look closely his little fingers were red. We got there in the last few glimpses of light. 

Daddy is loving:

- his new lens with a bit of zoom "I didn't need to use the prime lens at all"
- playing football
- Spending longer in bed
- lots of work this month

Mummy is loving:

- Sunny warm days
- days of with the family
- nights in with the hubby

Pants is loving:

-YouTube Minecraft videos (very boring they are)
- playing lego batman with mummy 
- football and wrecking lots of shoes
- having his bedroom back 

Ami is loving:

- soft play arieals (areas)
- all about the base song! 
- frozen bear shop (build a bear)
- playing outside without a coat
- drawing on every piece of paper including Daddy's work

Little bear is loving:

- Nursery and all his little friends
- Following Ami around and cuddling her at any chance
- playing out in the garden in the mud
- cuddles with mummy and daddy

My little family are growing, each day the little ones are changing. Pants seems like a teenager, we have a rhythm of life and its good. I look forward to reducing my hours at work and being home more. I hate missing out on things so hopefully this will help me be less scatty. My husband has alot of work on lately which is good but also means we see less of him, were not too fond of that. 

I love our photos this month and not too bad for a last minute shot, we've done the shelters before but they are good place to contain us all. My favourite one is this last one Ami is copying Pants its so sweet, I did not notice it at the time. So here is us this month, we have a photo with all five of us looking at the camera and we got outside to take the photos. I love my little family they sure are awesome. 


  1. I love all of these, I really like the first one with you pointing for some reason. Your husband's face in it is brilliant. I also love the one with Amy copying, very cute xxx great captures #meandmine

  2. Aww I love your photos, especially the last one, it's just so sweet that they're copying each other! It sounds like your February has been pretty hectic but in the best possible way!

  3. Great photos! And I bet reducing your hours at work will feel really great for you. x


  4. Beautiful photos and sounds like it has been a lovely month for you. I particularly like the first photo with you pointing and the last photo with Ami copying Pants. Your little bear didn’t look too impressed about it all though, bless him.

  5. Yay to reducing hours. Love the photos too xxx

  6. Very cute photos!! Sounds like a busy month!!

  7. Awww so cute!! Love that last one with Ami copying Pants!!