Monday 9 February 2015

Ami You Are 2 And a Half

What? When? How? 
Our little girl is two and a half!
It only seems like yesterday we held you in our arms, 
full of love for a princess that stole our hearts.

Your growing into a beautiful little girl.
Polite and alot of fun. 
With a firery temper you let people know who is boss. 
You have adapted to nnursery and you are thriving with it./ 
You have learnt that getting up at 6am even 5am is fun for you (but nobody else)

You do not stop talking and have everyone in stitches. 
You love to dance and sing, your favourite song is jingle bells (still) and Amazing Grace.
You find your elder brother hilarious and chuckle at him alot. 
Your favourite food is bisgetti which you would eat every mealtime.
You still hate having your hair wash and protest every time!

You have the most beautiful curly hair that has such amazing ringlets when wet. 
You love make up and Mummy forever has to hide it. 
You love all perfumes and deodrants 
Often saying "I look Pretty now!"
You love to pray for people when hurt often in a quite whisper. 

You are starting to play with your little brother realising he is actually fun. 
Although the games you play are knocking each other over its a start.
You two fight alot over the smallest things. 
but you encourage him just the same. 
You were delighted when you could understand him saying birdies. 

You have lots of friends, your best friend being Noah still,
 and at nursery Ruby and Isabella.
You still love your Daddy the best.
You love stores at bedtime and your favourite teddys are unicorn and piggy.
You love playing with playmobil and everyone has to be a character.
You still love playing cooking abd babies.
You love being outside and hate going in the pushchair.
You never nap in your bed preferring to crash on the sofa.

You are a beautiful little girl in side and out.
You make us so proud to be your parents,
I can not believe in six months you will be 3,
time is flying fast but you always stay our baby girl. 


  1. Such a lovely little post. The photos are gorgeous and it's such a nice keepsake to go back to in the future!

    Emma x

  2. what a sweet girl Ami looks. I'll be interested to see her growing up!

  3. Awwww! Beautiful post and photos. This will be so lovely to look back on one day! x

  4. Awww she sounds like a real character, what a gorgeous little girl :)

  5. they do grow up so quickly but lovely to capture the journey as they grow

  6. Beautiful photos! It is so lovely when they realise that their siblings can be a great friend isn't it?

  7. What a lovely post, so wonderful to capture all these little moments and likes and loves (and hates!). Gorgeous photos x #whatsthestory

  8. awww just beautiful, a beautiful post about a beautiful girl! .. its gone so fast! .. sorry i did laugh at the fact their play together is pushing each over lol
    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments x

  9. Love this post. Some gorgeous photos captured and that curly hair amazing!! My LO is 18months next week it goes too fast! Thanks for linking up #MummyMonday xx

  10. Such a lovely selection of pictures. Don't our little ones grow up so quickly? :) x

  11. What beautiful pictures - she looks full of character! #MagicMoments