Friday 27 February 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful #1

This is one area of my life that maybe I have let go a little, I have forgotten to look to the little blessings in my life that make it what it is. Its been a while I have become so busy with work and life I need to reflect and look at how great my life actually is so here is my list for this week.

1- Work have finally reduced my hours from 30 hours to 22, it wont happen straight away but the idea that it will sometime soon it music to my ears. I am constantly on catch up and going from one thing to the next so will be nice to have more time at home.

2- The warmer days. I am a big lover of the sunshine and now its getting a little warmer and lighter in the evenings. we sat out in the garden and it was so warm and fresh, we have lots of daffodils and other little flowers starting to bud. I look forward to many days out in the garden.

3- I have a week of annual leave next week, even though it was allocated it is still payed time off so who is complaining! I have no plans and the babies are in nursery one of those days so lets see what I get up to.

4- We are currently planning our family holiday, it will be lovely planning some family time away, I really can not wait.

So this is my list for now, small and brief. I am Thankful for the small things in my life. The small people are rather awesome too.


  1. spring makes us all feel better! Enjoy your holiday and reduced hours

  2. The small people do indeed look awesome and so glad you're getting more time off work to spend with them x