Tuesday 17 February 2015

Help my Boy is addicted to Minecraft Videos

Hi My Name is Pants I am 8 and I am addicted to Stampy longnose viseos.
My poor mother is going crazy!
I spend far to long on these videos and have no interest in anything else 
please can you help me?  

Oh my days who has taken my child and replaced him with a robot? Seriously all he wants to do is watch youtube videos!! It takes alot for him to do anything else, even faced with unbuilt lego he shunned it (broke my heart a little bit). It makes me really upset I hate these videos and try to restrict time spent but has taken to hiding with my ipad or tablet and watching these videos. 

Really what is the point, he doesn't even play much minecraft so what is the point of watching the videos/ They are dull and making him rather lazy, he gets a hour on school days to spend on screen time and yet he aways pushes it and cries. He has never cried over something so small. Its so easy to let him sit and watch he is quiet but its not a fun childhood at all, and not something I want to encourage. He is happy to do stuff when pushed very hard its sad to see. He also is crazy hyper when off it as it isn't burning much electricity making him like a spring, shouting and running around.

I fear for the toddlers already a lover of the ipad, already so advanced with technology and it is a bit scary. I want my children to find their fun outside, or playing with toys/ We turned tvs and tablets off all after noon yesterday and they played so nicely. It was lovely to see, the house was quiet with the occasional argument but better than a stroppy 8 year old because his youtube video has buffered or one of the babies have stolen his tablet. 

So if you have any advice please help, I am sick of stampy Longnose and all the others. They give me a head ache with all there boring chat!


  1. My brother is much the same and has been all of his secondary school life. Hopefully just a phase??

  2. Awww I wish that I can help you but I dont have any ideas. My son loves those opening of Kinder Egg Surprise too so I am hiding the ipad as well. Bedroom is also no gadget area. I have my phone there for alarm but I dont use it in front of my son. #sharewithme

  3. My girl loves watching Stampy's videos too.....I don't get the fascination!
    Surely it must be a phase....

  4. Our 7 y/o is much the same. He spends pretty much all his daily screen time watching Minecraft videos. I'm hoping he will grow out of it as this is the first thing he's ever really been so obsessed with. Still, I suppose there are worse things - even though I really don't understand what he sees in them.

  5. I have no idea what to advise her darling. My two are toddlers still and my parents didn't allow video playing at all we had to go play outside. Another generation I know! Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  6. Hehe - my 7 year old twins are Stampylongnose fans...or should I say addicts. I only let them now watch a couple videos at the weekend otherwise they would never turn him off. (Stampy's voice in the background also drives me a bit loopy). We're not alone. Stampy is so huge on Youtube with kids that apparently he earns over £250,000 a MONTH from ad revenue!