Friday 16 January 2015

Weebledown Farm Wobbily Farm Mill and Barn Review

Do you remember weebles? We had one or two growing up they were great fun, stick them on their head and they turn round, simple toys are really the best. The Weebles are back (and not as scary looking as my childhood ones). We recently got asked to review this lovely Wobbily Farm Mill and barn and Weeble Rooster. As Soon as it came I had my two little ones fighting over it, I barely had time to take a picture of it before they were playing away with it, I had to confiscate it and bring it out later when they forgot about it.

 Its sutitble for children over 18months, Little bear who is 14 months also did enjoy playing with the barn, especially trying to put the rooster down the slide. You can get more little characters that fit onto the mill and create a little fence round, they consisit of other farmyard animals, they are Buttercup the cow, Fluffy the sheep. Dapples the horse, Patch the dog and my personal favourite called Nugget the Chicken (is that the fate of the poor chicken). You can also get 3 different weebles with vechiles and a Farmer with his tractor. The perfect collection for hours of play.

Ami who is 2 and a half enjoyed pushing Rusty the rooster on the top and churning the milk to get him to go down the slide. Also putting Rusty the Rooster on the weathervane on the top and spinning it. One of her favorite things was to put the rooster to bed, she got frustrated as she could not get him to lie down for long, I had to reassure her that it was in fact ok he was not that tired.

The great thing is that the farm has no sharp bits or any bits they could put in their mouths, the little rooster is very cute too, not very scary looking like the old Weebles. The set provides plenty of room for imagination. Little Bear found it hilarious that the Rooster would flip down the slide, and would get frustrated when he could not get him down the slide. 

The Farm Mill and Barn retails at £29.99 so would make a lovely gift for a birthday or special occacion. It is a little out of my price range for normal toys ( I think personally I am a bit tight with buying toys). It is a lovely little toy and would bring joy to lots of children worth a look into. Check out the range on the Website here and see what other weebles you can buy. I think we will aim to get the rest of the animals to continue our farm as they are very cute.

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