Friday 2 January 2015

Little Bear you are 13 months (few weeks late)

My little Sun Bear you are 13 months, 
and what a delight you are. 

You have learned to point at everything and 
even point at yourself when you want something.
You make little noises like a penguin. 
We are still waiting for you to say little words, 
but  I think your big sister and brother do alot of the talking for you. 

You love your food and polish of a good dinner. 
You love picky foods but your faveourite dinner is anything
with mash and vegetables.
You love yogurts and love to feed yourself and get cross when people try to help. 

You like your sleep still and most nights sleep a good 12/ 13 hours. 
You like to fall asleep with your muzy and dummy and 
wont settle with out it. 
You get cross when woken early like us all.  

You love cuddles and kisses. 
You love to be held and always have to be in t
he same room as mummy or daddy.
You get angry when you see people eat and would happily 
spend the day on the sofa
in the safe one away from Ami. 

You really are so cute and such a lovely nurtured boy. 
Even though you have started to strop I do 
not mind because you are so cute doing so. 

We love you lots Sun Sun Bear. 


  1. Such a cute post, love the last photo he looks like a little fisherman! X

  2. Lovely post and gorgeous photos! Love the one of him in front of the Christmas tree! Looks like he's ballet dancing. x

  3. Oh what a lovely post and such gorgeous photos. The penguin noises sound very cute :-) #ssamazingachievements

  4. such a delightful age, learning and discovering so much

  5. What a lovely update, great photos too. I bet that bubble wrap was lots of fun.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)