Friday 30 January 2015

Life with out phones

Do you ever wish phones were not invented? Just me then. I stood looking on the train and a whole carriage on their phones, nobody talking it was strange, the only noise my nosy toddler chipping away lots of questions and I wondered whats happened. I am a victim of it too, I can easily get caught up on somebodies instagram feed or reading somebody's blogs and then time flies. If I am bored I reach straight for my phone, what have I missed, whats going on.

I love a good chat face to face and more and more I spend less time talking to a person and more time with a screen, My family are bad too, my daughter first thing asks to do drawing or watch Bing constantly and my eldest playing crossy road or watching youtube videos. The other day my two year old who was surrounded with toys said I am bored. I do not remember being bored as a child I got toys out and played weather it be barbies or those miniature polly pocket I played. I used my imagination and was not caught up behind a screen. I try to limit times and avoid it, then they play nicely. they play little games and be children.

I need to spend less time on mine, I really do. I need to limit my time and plan it wisely. Even loose my phone it would not be too bad. Maybe its more of a winter thing? I dont know. I sometimes feel like information overload and I got to bed and my head is running at 100mph. My son asked me what the longest word in the world and I dod not know, I nearly said lets google it but I thought not. Its funny it really is how much we think we need this stuff. I would like to move somewhere with no wifi no technology and just live. Enjoy life for life. I wonder what the future will hold, technology scares me, it really does.

I just want it to slow down and we just enjoy what we have without waiting for the next upgrade,

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