Saturday 17 January 2015

Little Bear you are 14 Months

My little Bear you are 14 months. 
14 months of being our baby and making our little family complete.
You really are a wonderful boy and make us really happy. 

This month you have started to learn some words,
mainly Ami and Pants talk for you but you are finally finding your voice.
You put a phone to your ear and say hello, 
also say more which means you want a drink.
You do alot of communicating through pointing to things then pointing to yourself, its very cute. 

You love your food and will polish off most dinners, Ami even gives you her left overs. 
You want to feed yourself and get cross when anyone wants to help. 
You also can drink very well from a cup, I blame nursery for making you so independent. 
You sleep well you like to sleep from about 7pm till 7:30am most nights, the only exception being if you are woken up by your sister.  

You love your siblings especially Ami, 
you want nothing more than to cuddle her and pull her hair. 
Its very sweet to watch, you also hate her to be asleep and want to follow her everywhere. 
They are starting to play together which is nice, I hope their little bond gets stronger each month.

You have the best little sense of humour, you litterally puts everything on your head. 
You still love your little muzzy and when we can not find it a substitute tea towel or older brothers t shirt in the same pattern. You have been a bit poorly this month and teething so you have been so cuddly. You have loved nothing better than to sit on mummy or daddys laps which neither of us mind. You hate being on your own and cry anytime we go out of sight. 

You like to walk alot especially out of the pushchair, its a bit like walking with a little drunk man, you fall over and wander all over the place you really are a delight. 

We love you lots littke Son Son Bear x

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