Tuesday 20 January 2015

Bring back the Summer

I find winter very tough, with little children more so. All I want to do is go outside and thankfully the kids share this love, but sadly the logistics of this is very different. We head I everyone is in a good mood until the toddler slips in a puddle. Wet slime all down her side she is not happy, this causes a chain reaction, the baby gets cross because he is stuck in theouchair and Asti is with his pre teen attitude "I knew we should have stayed inside". I then feel stressed and try not to turn round and say ok you want tone stuck indoors all day fine, I don't i say it's good to get fresh air. When secretly inside I a hating it my fingers are so numb from the cold. We head home I feel defeated and like a bad mum.

I am a summer person I hate all this wrapping up warm. I look ill where I have had no sun, my eyes are grey from being indoors all the time, my sun glasses are lost somewhere in hey toy box. See in the summer you can spend eh day outside if the weather is right. It doesn't take three years with he millions of coats and gloves that you have spent a fortune on over the year. I really can not wait for summer. 

Since we have move we have not even ventured into the garden sadly it's always so windy and cold. The babies claw at the windows wondering what is that outside and why is there leftover fireworks in the garden and burnt out sparklers. My days off can be spent sorting things outside and playing till tea time. Eating outside and having many picnics I really can not wait. My husband moms about moving abroad I am so up for it, somewhere where it is warm all year would suit me fine.i am not a lover of windy weather and the snow it even worse. 

There is also he cycle to work, I leave so wrapped up and as I got to the end of the road I am already hating the cycle, my fingers frozen on to the handle. My face bitterly cold, trying to avoid the massive puddles and even worse the cars that soak y in the puddles. Least in the summer the mornings are light I am not arriving at work in the dark and leaving in the dark. 

I love where we live we have lots of lovely beaches which are beautiful any time of year, we really blessed. The summer lifts the haze I get into in the winter, counting the months down now, waiting, longing for summer. 

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