Tuesday 28 October 2014

Funny toddler chat - October (and a quick 26 month update)

26 months is a lovely age (at times) when she isnt making us laugh she is making us want to pull our hair out, but I would not change her for the world. In fact I often look at her and wonder where she has got it all from, how is she so self sure and confidant. She thinks she is about 8 and is very head strong and wont take no for an answer. Her talking has really come on so here follows some of her latest chats.

Mummy: "Ami, It is bedtime"

Ami "No, not bedtime, dont like it bedtime."

Mummy: "Its night time now look it is dark outside"

Ami "No not dark outside, not bed time, I feel poorly need medicine,"

We get this every night she is always poorly at bedtime, 

Ami: "Wheres Daddy gone"

Mummy "Daddy is at work today"

Ami "No not working he is playing football, me not going to nurfrey"

Mummy " No its not nursery today thats tommorow"

Ami "No not nurfery only if Daddy pick my up"

Ami's Joke:
Knock knock 
Whos there 
Daddy who 
Daddy Carvosso

This is about as good as a 2 year olds jokes gets!

Mummy: "Ami are you being a big girl"

Ami;"I am not a big girl I am a princess."

Mummy ;"You really are funny"

Ami: Wheres Daddy? 

Mummy: Daddys at football

Ami: No Daddy is at work, Daddy put me to bed. 

We were waiting at a till and Ami started talking to a random lady she just talks to anyone at the moment. 

Ami: "Wheres your little girl?"

Lady "Oh I do not have little girl I have a boy"

Ami " Is he with his Daddy?"

Lady "Yes he is, what have you got there"

Ami" I got barbie do you like barbies?  Whats your name?"

This is just a snipet of some of Ami's chit chat she really is very funny at the moment will make more of an effort to take note and write more down. 


  1. kids are great aren't they, their arguments are both logical and illogical but I wouldn't have my kids any other way. So many of your quotes are familiar. Thanks for posting.

  2. What a lovely update. These are going to be lovely posts to look back on in a couple of months time! x

  3. I absolutely love this, I will be back for the next installment! I so wish I had recorded my children's ramblings you will really appreciate this when they are older and have done so many awesome things that you can't remember them all!

  4. Such a lovely thing to document. She's so cute and I love her hair! #MMWBH

  5. Aww bless her! She is so cute! love her curls,

  6. I love this, and the photos are fantastic! Really made me chuckle x #ssamazingachievements

  7. Aww there's a little girl just like this by me, always stops and chats to me. Is lovely that she is so confident.

  8. Ahhh bless. Look at those curls. So beautiful. Lovely post. So much fun and love shining. You are such a great mommy and it clearly shows in your gorgeous children. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  9. Brilliant, I really need to take better note of the things my 27 month old comes out with, it is hilarious at times :) #SSAA

  10. I love this, I think it's great you are capturing this in your blog. I really hope our little lady is full of chat, it will be a whole new experience for me.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)