Monday 13 October 2014

how to get rid of a cold

Coughs and colds are to be expected in the first year of a babies life, sadly we can not keep them contained in a germ free box free from harm, it just doesn't work. I for one know that, last year we had just had our baby, after being at home a few days he developed a cold. It was funny to see such a small baby produce so much snot and his poor nose was so blocked he couldn't fed. I knew something was wrong his breathing was quick and shallow and he was asleep ALOT. He is my third baby so I knew it wasn't quite right, I questioned my doubts with the health visitor who said it was just a cold. The next day he was not any better and we had an appointment with the midwife, who I then raised my concerns with. She straight away got on the phone to the hospital and before we knew it little Bear was on oxygen as his oxygen SATS where very low. We stayed in hospital for a further 5 days as poor little bear had bronchiolitis and he had to have a nasal gastric tube and all that. It was hard and very isolating being confined but products like these would really helped. 

 I hope you were not too bored by my little tale of poorly newborns, sadly it was not his last cold and he always seems to have a cough and cold. So here is some products that I think you may agree may help babies (and help you not feel so useless). This clever little kit is a dummy by snufflebabe where you can put the snufflebabe vapour oil in the little chamber and it can clear the little noses whilst they chomp on the dummy.

 It looked massive in comparison to other dummies but it really worked. Especially at night when he was most congested. I also put the vapour oil around the cot as he has a habit of chucking the dummy out of the cot. It really is a excellent idea they inhale the vapour whilst they are comforted by the dummy.

The Dentinox medicine dispenser is a great idea for those babies who will not be fooled by the medicine syringes. As you can see by the pictures above Little bear is rather fuddled by this dummy it tasted rather sweeter than the others! I could not fit too much into the chamber and spilt it all over the counter. It was then rather tough to administer not something I would use it was more than a faff than a normal syringe. Although this would have been great for a smaller baby. When Little bear was smaller he hated medicine the sight of a syringe he would shriek. Also as a nurse I think I am more persuaded to a syringe!

Lastly the Aspirator or "Snot sucker uper" as my eldest called it. I had been advised by other parents to get this but was always rather cautious. I thought it was a weird idea to suck the snot out of a babies nose but after using I am persuaded. One night my little bear had the worst cough and was so so chesty so in the night after him waking up the 4th/ 5th time I thought why not try it. So I dug it out and actually it cleared his nose with out me having to tug at his nose and wake him. I found it better to use with him asleep than awake, when he was awake he would not let me do it. Understandable really I would not let some one jab something in my nose. 

Thankfully I have these for all the coughs and colds we are getting already (oh the joys of nursery and school). I shall no longer dread the nights where they are heavily congested and full to the brim of snot. If you do not believe me go try them yourself!

I’m working with BritMums on a project with Dentinox and Snufflebabe to test their products during cold season. All opinions are my own. To find out more about the products visit and


  1. I enjoyed reading how you got on. Colds are so rotten for children and their parents. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  2. Also very sorry you went through what must have been a very stressful time with your newborn baby

  3. I found it really odd that the whole dose didn't fit into the Dentinox dummy too!
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

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