Monday, 20 October 2014

Me and you - October

Well this month was our wedding anniversary both of us forgot as we were busy moving house. 
I was on the phone to my mum and she said isn't it your wedding anniversary tomorrow. doh!
So with that my hubby went out and got me Percy pigs whilst I endured a 13 hour shift and got him a card during my break. We were just pleased to be in our new home with alot more space I got home from work and that was that. 

Sometimes thats life, we do not go on nearly as much dates nights as we would like, 
kids , work, life all gets in the way.We try to sit and watch films laugh like we used to but its all change.We really appreciate time together, its so precious and hard to come by with 3 kids. 

I love this man and was blessed the day my eldest met him before me. 

This photo was taken by our friend Rich at a weekend away. I think my husband looks so handsome (yes I still fancy him ALOT) I look tired, post swim with the kids. why do the men look better as they get older? 


  1. Lovely photo. Happy anniversary! I love Percy Pigs - what a great present.

    1. thanks yes i get them every occasion.

  2. Happy anniversary! I think you make a beautiful couple!! :)

  3. Lovely photo - happy anniversary to you both :-)

  4. Happy Anniversary, hope your are all happy and settled in your new home x

  5. Ah lovely photo, Happy Anniversary xx

  6. Ahhh what a lovely post and photo! So bittersweet. #me&you