Wednesday, 15 October 2014

W is for Wonderful walks - Alphabet photo challenge

Sorry if you can here looking for wonderful pictures on my little monkeys but I decided against that and to share these beautiful pictures from a crisp cold day in southwold. They were taken with the 35mm lens as it was that or wide angle lens. These are the only two we have my husband uses it for film so the lenses are what are best for filming. I love being outside when the sun is shinning and even though it was chilly we had a lovely time on the pier. 


  1. Ooh I love the last photo best. The sun on the water is stunning. #alphabetphoto

    1. Thanks cant beat a sun on the water shot!

  2. You you can't beat time on a pier, and I can't decide which I like most between that and the last picture - fab shots!

  3. Lovely light in all the photos. Love the orange glow in the top one. #AlphabetPhoto

  4. Lovely pictures - I love coastal shots

  5. Looks like a stunning place to go for walks with the children #alphabetphoto