Sunday 26 October 2014

Indoor activities for toddlers

 I often feel guilty staying indoors and not going out with the babies. I myself actually like going out bit all off a sudden find it really hard to find motivation to go out. Maybe since working alot more and moving to a new place its harder to get anywhere than before. I am beginning to not feel bad and embrace it. We at home have been doing some little things indoors and now the weather is getting colder its time to start to stay warm indoors. Here is some things we have been up to lately.

Making a tent and reading
Ok may sound like a simple thing but we made a tent in the week and me and Ami spent ages reading, she put all her blankets in there and her little stuffed animals. She very much enjoyed making a little house and then she read to her animals which was super cute.

Mess Free Painting
Yes you heard me mess free!!! There was no approns needed, no washing of hand and no paint on the floor. We filled up some plastic wallets with paint and stuck them to the windows to and Ami and Little bear enjoyed moving the paints around. It worked better with our gel like paint. Was good sensory activity too feeling the textures and mixing the colours. 

Actual painting
We collected some leaves and pine cones on the way home from the school run which we painted later that day. Ami enjoyed getting paint everywhere including her hair and my hair. A little autumn craft for the little ones and big ones too, my eight year old enjoyed going o his bike to collect more leaves as Ami painted hers rather quickly. 

With half term now upon us we shall try to get out but not beat ourselves up if were not dressed by teatime! Blame the cold weather or something like that just try to keep the tv of and let the kids just play. 

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  1. I'm nearly 23 and there's nothing here I wouldn't enjoy myself! Will definitely use these when I'm babysitting my Goddaughter next - thank you! x