Sunday 27 April 2014

You can steal a laptop but you wont steal my joy!!

Last week was a rather odd yet gutting week, somehow you put your life on a laptop. You take photos and save them, write things down and live your life through them. You come to rely on this machine, don't think anything of it then all of a sudden its gone, taken and you hurt. You hurt alot, you hurt because someone took your photos of your babies, someone took your videos without any thought. Any thought of who it belonged to, a selfish act.

Sadly this was the case for my poor husband last week. It was more than pictures for him it was his lively hood. All his work gone, all those late nights wasted for someone taking it to make a few quid out of someones misfortune. My husband carried round a huge laptop which he had hard drives, notes and everything he needed in order to work. So the other day he was loading the kids into the car and put his laptop bag by the car and with the stress of babies crying just drove of leaving the bag behind. Once he realised he came back and it was gone. Devastated and with a glimmer of hope he knocked on all the doors to find nobody had seen a thing.

It was absolutely gutting, my husband is one of the hardest working people I know and to see 5 years work and much more gone, I can't describe. I was cross, so angry with someone so selfish to see a bag that had someones notes in, business cards it was obvious it was much used taken. It makes me so sad. Whats worse there was pictures of our children, videos my husband had made of the children. Precious times that are easily forgotten, and mean so much to us. My husband had scripts and his own videos that he will never get back, its heart breaking and sad.

Thankfully we are part of an amazing community with our church who rallied round to generously raise some money to get Matt back up and running again. We are so blessed, so so blessed, we are overwhelmed by our friends. Overwhelmed that they see Matt's talent, they want to help and that was amazing. So with all my that there is some good, as its alot of pressure with Matt being the inly earner in the house at the moment. With all that it has also been a lovely few days my husband has had some time off with no pressure so can't complain alot. So now to start again, learn to back up on more hard drives, clouds etc, and move on. Start afresh and hope that the person who takes the laptop is blessed with the money they get for selling it, because as gutting as it is it is only stuff. My husband could have been at knife point and we could have lost him for that I am grateful. So here is to a chilled out week.


  1. Every cloud has a silver lining. I just had to say that cuz those words just popped out of my head while i am reading your entry. Truly a #magicmoment

  2. Lovely that this horrible time was made better by the kind and generous people around you. But still sad there are so many scumbags out there.


  3. How wonderful to have such a supportive community around you to help out. #MagicMoments

  4. awww Sara what an awful thing to happen!! i am sending you all hugs .. i am loving your positivity and poise my lovely even when its testing you x

    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments