Tuesday 15 April 2014

Siblings - April

I tried my hardest to take a nice photo of the three of them together whilst away but I never got round to it, Pants wanted to play football and just the business of being on team got in the way. I they are all so special and all so different. I even stuck sometimes with Little bear even though he is my third he is so different to the other two its lovely. Ami loves to follow Pants often thinking she is 7 and Little Bear loves to watch and copy his bigger sister. This month he now laughs at her shouting rather than crying were getting there its taken nearly 5 months for him to get used to noisy siblings!

I had a 2 second time frame before Ami ran away 

my monkeys 

So here is this Months photos, I will try harder and use the proper camera one month I am sure!

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dear beautiful

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