Thursday 10 April 2014

Reasons to be Cheerful - April - part 1

So I write this we are currently serving on team working with youth at an event called Spring harvest. Its alot of fun we are blessed to be part of it, part of peoples lives its great. I love writing about the small things that make us happy, sometimes counting the small things can make you so grateful for the big things, so here is what I am cheerful about this month so far.

1 - We survived my husband being away, 3 kids on my own and two of them under two has been ok. We got in a routine and the house was surprisingly tidy, my husband would have been proud! I actually really enjoyed spending time with the kids but I have missed my husband so so much. I realise how much he does and how grateful I am of what he does!

2- We on Holiday!! hurray even if me and my husband are serving on team we are grateful to be away! the kids having a great time and we can go swimming and make many family memories. We leave on Monday and my husband finally returns good Friday this year is flying by.

3- Having a little bit more sleep!! Little bear some nights has slept for a good 7 hours which has been so lovely. After a few weeks of sleeping for 1-2 hours at night and sleeping worse than when he was born he has started sleeping longer again. My mood has improved alot and I feel kind of normal again!

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