Saturday 3 October 2015

Finding the Joy #3

I did intend this to be some kind of weekly thing but sadly I sometimes just do not have the time. I take on too many review posts and they sometimes need to be done by deadlines so when I have a evening I finish those first and then am too drained for my own posts (ramblings).  Also getting home from work in the evenings its often the last thing I can muster. We are blessed though my kids have received some great things this year and love it when the post man turns up with packages. A part of me wonders if they are a little bit spoilt by this but we generally only buy them Clothes and that is never exciting for a child. See I have rambled as my fingers have been itching to just type, I love writing you see one of the reasons why I started this little blog in the first place. I missed typing when I left university, which sounds mental but it was true. So with that I started my blog 2 and a half years ago. So let me kick of before I completely go of topic.

1) Dyslexic Brain - I am going to bring that love of writing into number one, mainly because I am dyslexic and one thing I have found since writing my blog that actually my spelling and even grammar to some degree has improved. I uses full stops instead of exclamation points! If you go back to the start of the blog you may find that actually the level has improved. I still make mistakes but I am getting better, I didn't used to notice the mistakes but I sometimes do now.

2) Wedding Anniversary - Yesterday marked 5 years of being married, time sure has flown. I am so blessed by my husband every single day. The fact that he gets up every time during the night with a toddler then gets up at 6am with them. That I can go to work all day and know he is looking after the kids and they are having a great time. Its not just that he has always made me laugh so much. He still does ok he does wind me up and pretend to throw spiders on me when he has put it in a glass to take outside, but I love that man so much. I do not always treat him the best but I couldn't be with out him. Sorry if that sounds a bit corny but thats us.

3) Sunny Days - I am such a massive lover of the sun. I do not even have to be outside in it for it to make me feel happy.  I sat outside on my lunch break yesterday and it felt beautiful I know its limited. I know that in a matter of weeks/ days we will be wearing coats and the weather will change dramatically. Roll on more sunny days, more walks to school in a t shirt its been wonderful.

4) Little Trips - This week I decided to take Ami and Son Son on the bus to Canterbury which is about a 40 minute trip. I tried this a few months back and it was awful they wanted to run around on the bus I said I would never go again. To my surprise they were so well behaved they sat on the chairs and looked out the windows it was a good day. We went to a little maze in Canterbury and they allowed me to look round some of the shops, it was a great to do something like this sad as it sounds but I haven't been shopping in a long time. Going for baby chinos and just browsing in stores I did enjoy it a lot, so did the toddlers it was a good day.

5) Evenings on the Coast - You may have noticed that we like to take a family photographs on the blog, I say we its more me and only me. As always it gets to the end of the month and we haven't taken any photos so this month we walked across the road and down the stairs to the prom. The beach where we live is not the most glorious but the kids were over joyed. It was such treat to go out after dinner with Mummy and Daddy. Ami took her bike and Asti his scooter and they went up and down the prom. I hope its these evenings they remember, I know I cherished it. We weren't out too long but I looked at my family and realised how lucky I am. How much I love my little tribe. These years are so short, so quick. I love being spontaneous it sure does make my heart happy.

So here we are a little round up of the things that have made me happy recently.

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