Monday 26 October 2015

Autumn adventures - Canterbury

The other day I couldn't stay indoors any longer, the children did nothing but argue and I was getting at my wicks end. So I thought lets just get a bus somewhere and have a little day out in the Autumn sunshine. We decided to go to Canterbury it is only a 30 min bus ride and the little ones love buses.

We got to Canterbury and the little ones allowed  me to look in a maximum of about 3 shops before being bored so off we went to find a park. I first got a spiced pumpkin latte from Starbucks too, i would need it for the park.

The park was beautiful and so full of Autumn delight, leaves covering the paths and such wonder in the different colour leaves. I was in my element the kids wernt they are sick of hearing about different colour leaves. The played in the little castle there and we went up a bit hill mound thing, which in all my years as a student in Canterbury never noticed. They loved racing each other to the top and even more fun down the hill.

All in all a great day out with the babies, they let me go into catch kidston and then forced me to buy th bath bombs from lush (they have expensive taste). I love little adventures it was something I missed when my eldest went to school and then we had more children and that spontaneity that I had before got lost in the chaos. 

Loving the autumn colours this year. A lovely little day out. 


  1. What a thoroughly lovely day out. I've never been to Canterbury but it looks beautiful. It's amazing how much you notice when you haven't meticulously planned every second of an outing. Love those kind of days #TwinklyTuesday

  2. Awe, what a lovely day. It funny about the bath bombs though! #WhatevertheWeather

  3. What a lovely day out - it's more fun sometimes when it's a spontaneous plan too. And such perfect Autumn weather. #whatevertheweather

  4. A beautiful day out! Hee hee, I'm sure my boys are sick of hearing about the lovely coloured leaves too, wait until they are adults and they will be doing the same thing as us and telling their children how pretty autumn is! Most kids love a bus or train journey don't they, public transport is much more fun, I suppose they don't need to be strapped to car seats, must be a novelty! Loving the rainbow jumper too, very sweet.
    Thanks so much for linking your autumn colours to #Whatevertheweather :) x

  5. What absolutely GORGEOUS pictures!! So beautiful — especially the last shot! We've had some beautiful weather recently haven't we? I'd much rather a cold, crisp, sunny day than grey and raining and it was today! Bring back the sunshine!!

  6. haha this sounds like our days out. Trying to go to some shops before going off somewhere outdoors and entertaining with a coffee in hand for energy. Your pictures are so beautiful. It sounds like they all had so much fun and at least you got a lovely smelling bath at the end of it too! Or at least soon if you haven't had time yet. Canterbury looks really pretty and spontaneous days are usually always the best.Thank you so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx