Tuesday 13 October 2015

The Snowman and the Snowdog Penwizard Review

I have a massive secret, well it may not be so secret but it is very true. I Love the Snowman. Its true I am glad to get it off my chest. It takes me back every time to being a little girl and it being Christmas eve. Me and my sisters all sitting in the dark Christmas Tree lights on, all brimming with excitement. Its something that I treasure and from that I grew my love for the Snowman. The Snowman and the Snowdon is the Sequel to The Snowman which sees a young boy build a snowdog after his dog passes a few months earlier. 

We got asked to review The Snowman and The Snow Dog Personalised book by Penwizard. Which I knew I was going to love, I mean Son Son would love. He is going through the stage of loving books.  He loves nothing more than to sit on someones lap and listen to them read him a story. 

The best thing about the book is that it is personalised and suited to your child. You can choose the types of hair/ skin colour/ gender.  So the little child in the book is just like the character in the original story. Along with that your child's name is throughout the story which is such a great feature. For Son Son it kept him engaged hearing his name. Although when I read the book to Ami she was very cross it wasn't about her. The book only took a few days after ordering too which I thought was rather amazing as I expected to wait a few weeks for it. 

The book is high quality through out. We opted for the hard back version so that it would last longer. We have had a few favourite paperback books that are now a bit torn, with love I may add. This book has ticked all the boxes for me as an massive Snowman fan along with being a rather sweet book. I always love Raymond Briggs work I love that the illustration is matched through out such a great gift. 

The book costs £24.99 in hard back and £17.99 paper back. 

You can personalise the book too which is an added bonus. 
This book will make the most perfect Christmas Present for any child, so what are you waiting for get your orders in quick as you won't be disappointed 


  1. I love the look of this personalised Snowman book - a perfect Christmas present :)


  2. I adore this book, would be so perfect in the run up to Christmas! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  3. It's such a fantastic book, I love all the detail you can go in to personalising the character - my daughter loves her copy of this book